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Maximilian reveals his own top 10 greatest fighting games of all time picks

IGN’s recent list of their top 10 fighting games of all time obviously sparked a bunch of debate and questions for the publication’s picks, so why not have the largest content creator in the FGC do his own?

After painstakingly narrowing down the choices, Maximilian Dood released a new video counting down what he believes to be the top 10 greatest fighting games to ever hit arcades / consoles.

As Max points out at the start of his video, these picks are not his personal favorite fighting games, but rather the titles that had the most impact and changed the landscape of the genre that are still felt in 2023.

Kicking things off at number 10 is Soul Calibur 2, which Max believes revolutionized 3D fighting games for a new era, was featured on every major console at the time, offered a ton of content and introduced the idea of platform-specific exclusive characters that would prove to be a massive boost for the game — plus while that idea was attempted again, it never quite landed the same.

Some might be a bit surprised to see Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at only number 9, but that doesn’t change how much ridiculous stuff the developers managed to pack into the game with a high level of polish that’s going to be exceedingly difficult to ever top again.

We aren’t going to spoil everything, so check out Max’s explanation and breakdown of the 10 greatest fighting games to ever grace the scene below, and let us know in the comments how much you agree with the picks.

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