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Biryani was a crowd favourite on food delivery service Zomato last year with 186 orders delivered per minute across the country. Such a favoured dish is the biryani that a Mumbai woman ordered 2,500 worth on Friday. The catch? She ordered it from a restaurant in Bengaluru! “Did I drunk order 2500 rs worth of biryani all the way from Bangalore…” the woman – whose handle is @subiii – tweeted with a screenshot of the order page.

The tweet and the account were later deleted.

A screenshot of the deleted tweet.
A screenshot of the deleted tweet.

According to the screenshot the order was placed from a Meghana Foods in Bengaluru, which many hailed as ‘the best’. Tweeted on Saturday, the order would have arrived on Sunday.

An amused Zomato Twitter team joined in on the fun, tweeting: “Subii, you’ll have a happy hangover once the order is at your doorstep. Do let us know about the experience.”

How was the biryani? It was the ‘best decision ever…’, @subiii tweeted after the order arrived, with photographs of the biryani, salan, salad and papad.

“… zomato, where is my paycheck?”

Many praised @subiii’s restaurant choice; one person said, “Meghna Foods is the best (maybe after Biryani Zone).” Another wrote, “As someone who really misses Meghana’s biryani, I entirely support this drunken decision.” The post even sparked a debate over the city with the ‘best’ biryani, with Kolkata and Hyderabad among the top contenders.

For those confused about how an order was placed across states, Zomato offers the ‘intercity legends’ service that allows customers to order select specialities from a few restaurants in major Indian cities. These orders will take a few days to be delivered… so plan accordingly.

“Zomato Legends is a new offering by Zomato that ensures delivery of India’s most iconic dishes from legendary restaurants across cities by using mobile refrigeration technology which increases the shelf life of the dish…” the company said when it announced the service.

In less funny news about Zomato, an entrepreneur named Vinay Sati claimed to have uncovered a ‘shocking scam’ after he said Zomato agents told him how to cheat the company.

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal said: “Aware of this. Working to plug the loopholes.”

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