MacBook Air 2022 and New MacBook Pro with M2 chip

Apple has yet to fully transition to Apple Silicon, but with the newest CPUs on the market, it may do so soon. According to a fresh source, the M2 series chipset will be used in the future MacBooks, which will be released later this year. To learn more, read the storey.

Upcoming MacBook Air & MacBook Pro With M2 Chipset

According to the latest update, the upcoming MacBook Air that was earlier expected to arrive with M1 will instead upgrade to an M2 chipset. The device carries codename J413 and it is likely to get an entry-level M2 chipset just like the next-generation Mac Mini as speculated. The chipset codenamed as ‘Staten’ is likely to have a 10-core GPU and an 8-core CPU onboard.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro speculated to arrive with M2 chipsets later this year

According to the most recent update, the next MacBook Air, which was previously scheduled to ship with an M1 CPU, would instead be upgraded to an M2. The gadget is codenamed J413 and is expected to have an entry-level M2 processor, similar to the next-generation Mac Mini. The ‘Staten’ chipset is said to contain a 10-core GPU and an 8-core CPU on board.

It’s worth noting that I’m referring about an entry-level M2 chipset that will replace the M1, not its pro and extreme variants, which are more powerful than M2. The device’s design is also expected to be upgraded, though this remains to be seen.

Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini based on Apple M1 chip launched

Apple introduced the all-powerful M1 Ultra chipset last week, and the M2-series chipsets, which comprise the entry-level M2, M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra, will be available shortly. A Mac mini is also in the pipeline, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, however its release date has been pushed out to 2023.

Both the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro powered by M2 are expected to be released later this year, since they are in advanced phases of development. Regardless, both computers should come later this year.

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